Portal Roadmap

Our customer portal is being deployed in several phases. Here is our current schedule:

Phase 1 - Dec 2020

  • Existing Tela customer accounts created in Tela Powered portal
  • Existing Domain registrations imported into Tela Powered portal
  • Domain renewal reminders, renewal management, and billing is available in portal
  • Customers are sent welcome letter to log in to portal
  • Customer invoices for January 2021 created in portal and sent to customers

Phase 2 - Jan 2021

  • Customers receive new invoices through portal
  • Customer support provided through portal

Phase 2 - 1Q21

  • Hosting customer accounts begin migration to managed platform
  • Additional service offerings initiated

Phase 3 - 2Q21

  • Email customer accounts begin migration to managed platform

We appreciate your continued patronage as we utilize our new customer portal.

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